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The TSA Advantage

Introducing TSA Reef Genetics

Three strains of highly nutritious marine algae (Tisochrysis lutea, Tetraselmis chui, Rhodomonas salina), all domesticated for commercial fish, shellfish and shrimp farming.  Profound Overall Nutritional Profile: rich in lipids, amino acids, bioactive vitamins and probiotics.  Perfect live feed for corals, tridacnid clams, electric scallops, porcelain crabs, sea fans and other filter-feeding marine life.

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Whether in-store or online Top Shelf Aquatics is your one-stop shop for all your reefing and saltwater aquarium needs. We carry the largest selection of rare live coral, aquarium supplies, fish, inverts, and more to ensure your tank not only looks great but also runs great. As enthusiasts ourselves, we truly understand the importance of providing saltwater aquarium hobbyists with only the highest quality aquarium supplies as well as sustainable aquacultured corals, so you can feel confident that you are receiving the best our industry has to offer. We are able to not only meet but exceed your expectations on every order because we farm our own coral in-house with our experienced marine biologists and personally test every product we offer.

Top Shelf Aquatics

Livestock orders over $299 - Aquarium Supplies orders over $49+ Ground $399+OVERNIGHT FREE | Financing Available